Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet


The Life of the Watch

This Audemars Piguet comes from a friend of the company who wishes to sell the watch in order to fund a new purchase of a modern AP. The watch belonged to his grandfather, but he only came about it in the last five years. He was going through his grandparents things in his attic when he came across the watch at the bottom of a box. The crystal was smashed and the dial had been damaged due to it being in a box. He took it to a watchmaker who refinished the dial, replaced the crystal and cleaned the movement. He admits that he wishes he had a watchmaker who could have done a better job with the dial because of the imperfections on the dial, and that the hands do not perfectly line-up. 

The watch is a perfect size and has an ultra-thin movement ticking away keeping good time. It slides easily under a shirt cuff and is great for someone who is looking for horological prowess. 

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Maker: Audemars Piguet

Model: Manual Wind ultra-thin Dress Watch

Case Diameter: 33.5mm

Lug Width: 18mm

Movement: Manual Wind

Complication: Hours and Minutes

Year: 1961

Condition: The case is 18k yellow gold and in good condition, with very few scratches. The crystal has a scratch at 9 o'clock, but is not deep and does not distort the ability to tell time. Lugs are very sharp, and it does not seem like they have been polished. The dial has been refinished and there is imperfections from 9 to 12 on the outer-ring of the dial. The crystal is also not original. 

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