Life on the Wrist - Putting a Face to a Name

Life on the Wrist has been running for a bit over a year now and being that we have had some success with our concept, we decided to put a face to our name.

In our latest video, I introduced myself and reiterated my goals with Life on the Wrist. If you are new to the website, welcome! We try and track the history of the watches we curate for our store and blog about them so that the new owners know exactly where the watch has been. The mistrust in the watch industry is only getting worse as the general interest in watches increases. We are attempting to shine some light on each transaction with our clients to be as transparent as possible.

You can see our video below - let us know if our friend is doing the right thing with getting rid of the Omega Speedmaster Automatic to get a Tudor Black Bay!



Norbert Schmeidler