Watch Stories: A 1983 Tudor Date Day

One of the best part about being a part of the watch world is the community that one get to be a part of. It is full with very different people, from different backgrounds with different lives outside of watches. But as soon as watches cross our paths, we instantly become one in the same. 

We had the privilege of attending Baselworld 2013 where we met the previous owner of this beautiful Tudor Date Day reference 94614. He is a collector of watches, but more specifically, Tudor Date-Day and Rolex Day-Date models. What made this specific Baselworld special was that Rolex released a line of Day-Dates' that featured Cherry and Cognac dial models. And guess what, he was wearing this exact Tudor Date-Day on his wrist the whole week. Needless to say, he may have purchased one of the new Rolex's too.

This Date-Day was born in 1983 and was acquired by our friend a few years before we met him at Baselworld. He probably knows more about the Day-Date/Day-Date line that some of us know about watches all together. He finds the models more interesting than the traditional Datejust models and feels that the the extra complication is actually quite practical. Needless to say, he is a true collector. He asked that we do not disclose too much, but we can tell you that he was in attendance at the Glamorous Day-Date Auction hosted by Phillips in Geneva in 2015!

This version is stainless steel, with a white gold bezel. The stainless steel sports watch is not only desired, but it has an essence of purity when it sits on the wrist. It is on the famous Rolex Oyster bracelet and feels like you are going back to the 80's. The white dial is as clean as it was when it was produced, and continues the clean aesthetic of the watch. 

You can see this watch listed on our site HERE.


Norbert Schmeidler