Watch Stories: A 1968 Omega Seamaster


All vintage watch collectors have specific criteria for the watches they decide to add to their collections. These criteria can range from rarity, condition, brand Q-rating and for us, the most important one, having a cool story. The Omega we have today definitely hits all of those criteria. We stumbled across this really amazing Omega Seamaster from a gentleman who works in Washington DC. When he approached us and told us about his watch, we were so honoured to have the ability to see this Omega, but also humbled by the story that goes along with it. 

This Omega Seamaster dates to 1968, and was part of a trade this gentleman made with a collector from Sweden. The watch is the reference 166.003, which seems to be a relatively rare Omega reference. There are only a handful of them on sites like Chrono24 and eBay, which makes it even more special to have one on our site. The gentleman who had the privilege of wearing it was an IT Consultant in, you guessed it, Capital Hill. He wore the watch faithfully on his wrist in more than 15 Senator offices. Those in public policy are extremely busy, and this Omega kept its previous owner on time for all of the various appointments he needed to go to. Oh, and we guess it looked pretty cool on his wrist too.


When we heard this story, we wished we could get the watch to talk to us. Imagine what it could tell us about the public policy it was surrounded by. Or the Senators it met while sitting cleanly on the wrist of the lucky gentleman. The gentleman was also an IT trainer, so the watch probably was on his wrist while he was moving democracy forward. 

The watch is 34mm and is probably the best Omega Seamaster we have seen in a while based on its condition. The stainless steel case is flawless for a watch that is over 40 years old. And the dial is what really captures ones eye. Its a faded silver patina colour that is evenly distributed. It is running the Omega caliber 565 which was serviced in 2016 - the owner noticed it was running fast so he had it Demagnetized during the service. Now, the watch is looking to get some more wrist time with an avid collector who loves the watches past, but has an exciting future in store for it.

You can see the full listing of the watch here.