Watch Stories: A 1977 Rolex Datejust

The market is hungry for steal sports watches. They wear nicely on the wrist, are extremely robust and if we may say, look amazing. Rolex has been a leader for many collectors during the craze of steal sports watch mayhem because of their reliability, heritage and luxurious status. Because of the huge demand for Rolex sports watches, their models like the Submariner, Explorer and GMT have appreciated in value drastically. 

One model that is still relatively undervalued is the Datejust, and the model we have here is the perfect example. This Rolex 1603 which was assembled in Les Acacias, Geneva in 1977 is a beautiful stainless steel watch that one lucky collector from Belgium owned. 

Normally, collectors travel to Switzerland to indulge in their love for horology and buy themselves a Swiss timepiece that they get to enjoy. Our collector did something different. About ten years ago, he traveled to New York City and found this 1603 in a second-hand jewelry store. And as you can imagine, he spent the majority of his cash that he had on hand for this watch, but he made the perfect decision. The watch was sold in the US market in the 70's, which is known by the fact that the original bracelet is stamped 'Rolex USA'. 

He took the watch back to its mother-continent where he wore it sparingly, but ultimately kept it in his watch box for ten years. Not wearing it much, he decided to sell it to a collector who would cherish every moment with the watch, and that is where we come in.

Not having too many adventures, this watch is looking for an owner who is ready to treat it well, fall in love with it and make up for the ten years of lost time. 

The watch is listed on our store here waiting for its new owner.