Watch Stories: A 2014 Black Bay Red


We have had a few modern pieces pass through the hands at Life on the Wrist. Most of them, just like the Black Bay we had the privilege to sell, come from friends of the store. This watch was from a very close friend who picked up this piece from the Tudor Store when he graduated from High School is 2014. He was always a watch guy and had researched what he wanted to buy for a very long time. But that really isn’t the real story we want to tell. We want to tell the story of why there is a ding on the bezel at 1 o’clock.

Our friend did a lot of travelling during his 4 years at University. He went to six of the seven continents and as any loyal watch collector would, he brought his Black Bay along with him. He is an avid skier and has skied all over the world including the Schilthorn - the same mountain that James Bond skied down in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.


In 2016, our friend was skiing in Aspen, Colorado while wearing his Black Bay. He was skiing down Boomerang Woods in the Aspen Highlands and wiped out which was uncharacteristic for him. He thinks it was his lunch that made him get sleepy (We think it was his lunch drinks!). Not noticing anything, he finished his day of skiing and went to his lodge. When he got home he realized he had a ding in his bezel. He couldn’t think of what he had done, but thinks his wrist hit his ski pole causing the damage to the bezel.

Normally, he would have been upset, but he really wasn’t! He realized it was a story that is now attached to the watch and can be carried throughout its life. He has decided to sell it, so he can buy a vintage submariner - clearly James Bond plays a big part in his life!

You can see this watch listed on our store HERE.

Norbert Schmeidler