Watch Stories: The 1982 Omega Seamaster

Omega Seamaster Paperwork

One of the biggest things for us as a company is to understand the history of the watch in order to tell you the watches story. This Omega was one of the first watches we sourced from a collector for our stores launch because it has everything. And when we say everything, we mean everything. It is an all original watch that comes with the original box, international guarantee booklet and card, as well as the original sales receipt from the boutique it was bought from in Hong Kong. This watch is the perfect representation of what we aim to deliver. 

This Omega was produced in 1982 by arguably one of the greatest watch manufacturers in Switzerland. It was then shipped off to Hong Kong where it sat in an Omega retailer called Budson Watch & Jewelry. I can only imagine it sitting in the store front, and people being mesmerized by its gold case that matched its gold tone dial. One of the first things I notice is how the outer ring of the dial steeps downward, in similar style to a pie-pan dial. 

Then, on the third of July, 1982 a gentleman made the decision to buy this incredible Omega to take with him on his adventures through life. He wore it with a lot of care and caution, because he knew it was a special watch to him. One of the greatest things about watches is that they can become heirlooms and can be passed down for generations as long as they are properly maintain.  Not only did he know the watch was special to him, but it would be special to his family as well.

Omega Seamaster Date 1982

In 2006, the gentleman immigrated to the United States where he settled with his family in Connecticut. Immigrating to the US made his family become very close with one another, experiencing every high and low together. In 2008, the gentleman's nephew became the first person from his family to graduate from an American high school. This was a huge accomplishment for his nephew, but also for his family who made their life in the US a success.

This was the perfect opportunity for the gentleman to pass down his beloved Omega to his nephew for such an amazing accomplishment. His nephew was not as enthusiastic about owning the watch, which is why he looked to sell it. And now that watch sits with us at our store looking for its new owner! We cannot wait to see where it goes, and hear about what adventures it will go on in the future!