Watch Stories: The 1966 Rolex reference 1500

When we came by this watch, we knew it was a beautiful looking watch. But when we spoke with the collector who owned it, it became a special watch. This Rolex 1500 tells an amazing story about how we respect a watch enough to only wear it at a specific time.


This Rolex was manufactured in 1966 which was the same year a young gentleman started his career as an electrical engineer in Fort Worth, Texas. He owned a Timex that he wore throughout his early life, but wanted something to wear for special occasions. He knew he did not wear a suit very often, but wanted a beautiful timepiece to match the time when he did wear one. And he definitely found it in this watch.

This reference 1500 has one of the most beautiful clean dials you will see on any vintage Rolex. Its blue and grey waved dial stands out on the wrist, and gives it a personality like no other. Even better, it has a 18k gold smooth bezel that gives the watch a lot of warmth. The warmth of the bezel attracts the eye, which are subsequently mesmerized by the blue dial. The owner was a conservative man, but definitely made a statement with the dial. Blue dials are becoming more popular, and this is an excellent example of what collectors love. 


Rolex Date 1500 For Sale

This watch was worn and taken care of throughout the mans life, who made sure it ticked along with his life. It was a very proud moment when he was able to take his Rolex Date out of its box, place it on his wrist, and feel a sense of accomplishment when he did so. He was able to look down at his wrist and truly see and feel his accomplishments in life. He told us that he hated wearing suits, but this watch made it a bit more tolerable. 

We were very excited to source this watch, as we thought it was a beautiful edition to the launch of our website. It is for sale currently, and you can see it here! We hope you liked the story behind the watch, and we hope its new owner will be able to add even more adventures to it. We look forward to hearing the stories from the new owner and would love to write a follow-up post about it!