Watch Stories: A 1980 Tudor Prince Oysterdate


At the moment of writing this watch story, Tudor has shown to be a brand that has presented a huge amount of value to the watch collector. One often sees a Rolex Datejust on the wrist of many individuals on a day to day basis. But more and more, the Tudor Oysterdate has shown up on wrists of Instagramers and watch collectors alike.

This Oysterdate, manufactured in 1980, has bounced around multiple collectors as a gateway into collecting sports watches. Its oyster case is almost untouched with a beautiful finish to the stainless steel that looks like it came straight from the factory. The lugs are sharp and unpolished match the smooth steel bezel beautifully. The most recent collector owned the watch for about six months in Florida, near Jacksonville. Naturally, one of the most striking factors of this watch is the aged cream dial that is has a beautifully even patina to it. The past few owners have lived in Florida, so the patina may be from its exposure to the sun, but probably has aged for some time before its most recent owners. 

The watch belonged to an avid collector who was looking to flip this Oysterdate before continuing his watch collecting journey. It mostly sat in a watch box, but was worn on occasion to make sure it was running smoothly. At 34mm, it sits larger on the wrist (more like 36mm), and the ETA 2784 is running smoothly. If we are honest, it has not had a very adventurous life so far. Being a watch that is continuously bought and sold, it has not been able to go on many adventures with its owners. We think this is due to the fact that Tudor was always the step before purchasing a Rolex. With the rise of Tudors reputation and value, Tudors have now become part of many peoples collections, which is why this Tudor, and other stainless steels sports watches, have become so desirable. 

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Norbert Schmeidler