Watch Stories: 1973 Memotime Memosail

When I first got seriously interested in watches I used the internet, as many of us do, to feed our thirst for horological content. Naturally, I stumbled across very informative blogs and videos that helped me gain an understanding of the complexities of watches. But my favourite source was Instagram, because it grew my passion and developed my palate for the watches I love today. This Memosail is from my personal collection, and is what came from my obsession with the watches on Instagram.  

- The above section is written from the perspective of the founder of Life on the Wrist - 

Memosail Regatta Timer

Vintage chronographs on the current watch market are extremely desirable for reasons varying from the complexity of its complication to the beauty of its design, specifically their dials. Conversely, the regatta timer is not as sought after yet uses much of the same complication. The main reason for this paradox is the fact that the functionality of the regatta timer is not seen as useful. Not many people are sailing competitively and are in need for a mechanical timer to assist them. 

Last century, the regatta timer was a complication that many more people were using. The Yacht Timer is used to time the start of a regatta race. It allows for sailors to know when to have their boat at the starting line before the race begins. Many large watch houses had regatta timers, including Heuer with its Skipper model and Breitling with its Superocean regatta timer. The Memosail was created by the Ebauches Company to compete against companies like Aquastar who dominated the regatta timer market.

San Francisco, California is where this watch spent most of its life. The owner of the watch wore it for many of his regatta races in the Bay Area. This sailor was not the most competitive sailor, but it came in handy during the fun races he partook in. It is here where our founder comes into the story.

Memosail on the Wrist

As previously mentioned, Instagram was an amazingly large and rich source of watch content for him. One of the watches that was on Instagram was the 16610 Rolex Submariner with the blue dial and bezel. It was on the wrist of every person who posted wrist-shots of their watches. The main attraction of this watch was its blue dial which he affiliated with summer weather and the beach (he is a true "beach-bum" so affiliating a watch with the beach is exactly down his ally). 

Like anyone would, he started to search for a blue dial watch online. He ended up finding the San Francisco sailor's son who was selling the Memosail. The Memosail had the blue dial he was searching for, and an added bonus of the regatta timer complication. He has now owned it for three years, and enjoys it every single summer when he puts its on.

The watch is for sale, here, and we would love to have others enjoy the watch just as much as our founder did.

Norbert Schmeidler