Watch Stories: A pair of Vintage 1960 Longines Automatics

Longines, founded in 1832, has produced some of the worlds best wristwatches including the Calibre 20H and 13ZN chronograph movements and the Calibre 340 ultra thin movement. It is there constant push to innovate which places them in a tier of their own. Vintage Longines is a sphere of the watch world that presents one of the best value propositions for any watch collectors. What we have found is a pair of 1960 Longines Automatics which, in their simplicity, demonstrate the value proposition of vintage Longines, but also the beauty that 1960 dress watches have. Oh, and they have a pretty cool story too!

These two watches were produced by Longines while they had a partnership with Wittnauer in 1960 and were sold to the American market. These watches were sold to a mother of two twin sons in New Jersey. The watches were a present for the two sons for their sixteenth birthday, as she felt they had reached adulthood, and needed to keep track of their lives. The legibility and elegance is apparently what she fell in love with about the watches. We can definitely see where she is coming from - the dauphin hands that match the hour markers make it incredibly legible. The clean white dial does not distract from telling the time, and at 35mm, one could not ask for a better case size. Being 10k yellow gold filled, it really shines beautifully in the sun too. 

The two sons wore the watches throughout their lives as an accountant and high school teacher. Clearly, they were not crawling through mud, diving in the ocean or working with their hands while wearing the watch very much. Unfortunately, the two sons passed away and their watches were sold as part of their estate. But, we were lucky enough to find these watches with their original boxes to add to our shop this week. 

The watches are listed at our shop, and you can see them live in our video on our youtube channel!

Norbert Schmeidler